Building the Swag Offroad Heavy Duty Finger Brake from Beginning to Bend. I purchased the Langmuir Crossfire Pro on the first round of the Presale. In the first few minutes. I didn’t want to miss out. Then once I built it, I saw an Instagram post with the exact same HTP Plasma cutter I had. He had made a shelf bracket to store his Plasma Cutter up off the floor on the wall. I loved the idea since real estate in a small shop is of high value. I sent @ch0wpay a message and he generously sent me the file. Unfortunately, I wasn’t paying attention to the files and cut the bracket out of 1/8 inch material. (check my first cuts here ) They looked great, but I had no way to bend them. Ultimately I went with slightly thinner material and added relief cuts to make the shelf brackets work with the tools I had available. It got me thinking though. I was limiting the types of projects I could do with the CNC if I had no way to continue the metal fabrication process beyond the cut. I already had a 20 Ton Press from Harbor Freight. What could I add to it to bend heavier material? Fortunately, I was already familiar with having purchased a table for my Portaband Metal Bandsaw last year. So I looked them up and decided on the DIY Heavy Duty Finger Brake Kit. I don’t have a lot of metal Bending Experience. Well, that’s an understatement. I have next to none. Even the light duty brake I have has seen even lighter duty. That said, I can see the need and I generally figure stuff out eventually. Even if it takes a few fails to get there. The bottom line, I ordered what I thought I needed and here we are. If you are like me, and relatively new to metal fabrication, I hope this video will be informative and help you along your journey to making cool stuff. Finger Brake Afilliate Links: Langmuir Crossfire and Crossfire Pro HTP Plasma Cutter Category Welder I’m using in this video. It is amazing. can’t wait to get in the shop and weld with it. It makes me a better welder. TIG Welder Air Compressor with adequate capacity Amazon Affiliate Links: Mild Steel TIG Rod Stainless Steel TIG Rod Aluminum TIG Rod My Welding Helmet RAZORWELD TIG 200 Jody’s Helmet My Gear Welding Jacket TIG Welding Gloves Helmet Bib Thingiverse 3D Model for Tungsten Grinding Software Required #metalbrake #welding #metalfab

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