I can not express how much I love this Langmuir Crossfire Pro Plasma CNC. It would be adequate for business production or an at-home hobbyist. Coupled with the HTP MicroCut 875SC v2 you will be able to create the most amazing products and projects. I am absolutely blown away by the fact that I can now cut up to 1/2 in steel in my basement and use it for 100’s of projects. I’m not the most creative person compared to others I’ve seen on Instagram making entire businesses around this tool. I have plenty that I want to make, but surfing through the hashtag #langmuircrossfirepro I am amazed at the way people have put this tool to use. When the best tool you own is a Plasma CNC, every solution to every problem is a Plasma CNC. This is my second Plasma CNC. The first… The Langmuir Crossfire. It really was more than I could ever need in my current shop, but I have a tool problem. Really it’s an everything problem. If they create a better version, I want that version. iPhone, computer, TV, Car it doesn’t matter. I want the better version. That does not mean I get the better version. This time I did. Here is why. I wanted THC. Torch Height Control. I never really had issues that this would have been a huge factor, but I always anticipated that project where it would make a difference. I tend to babysit the job as it is running. If something pops up, I move it before it’s an issue. Second, I wanted a bigger workspace. In reality, if I had a 60×40 shop with overhead crane, this might be too small, but like most people, that’s not the case. I had to move copious amounts of everything out of my current space to make this 4×3 a possibility. I am so glad I did. I’m now into my 5th project although I have only filmed 2. This one is the first. If you weld, this is an amazing compliment to that skill. You will have a never-ending stream of projects or products that you can create with this tool. The best part is the price. It’s the best priced Plasma CNC on the market. To make it better, they actually give my viewers an additional discount of $100. I also have an affiliate link below. It will save you money and I get to keep making videos. Win/Win. If you have any questions about this tool, do not hesitate to ask. I am learning more about how it works every day and my skills are getting better and better. Afilliate Links: Langmuir Crossfire and Crossfire Pro http://store.langmuirsystems.com?aff=2 HTP Plasma Cutter https://www.usaweld.com/ProductDetail… Category https://www.usaweld.com/SearchResults… Multi Process Welder https://www.usaweld.com/Pro-Pulse-220… TIG Welder https://www.usaweld.com/TIG-WELDER-In… Air Compressor with adequate capacity https://amzn.to/2PFPo7X Software Required https://amzn.to/2PQHwRu CNC Table http://www.langmuirsystems.com/ Music from Epidemic Sound #langmuirsystems #plasmatable #plasmacnc
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