This video is just a glimpse of what was an absolutely amazing week that was an adventure that started in Atlanta, Ga and went through London, Birmingham, UK, Oxford, UK, back to London, back across the Atlantic to not Atlanta, but Birmingham, AL and then finally back to Atlanta. I was fortunate to hang with friends from all over the world. Some that I have hung out with many times at various events over the past few years. Some I have only hung out with through Google Hangouts and others were only familiar through conversations in various Facebook Groups that we all frequent. Others I only new through Youtube and Instagram. Now, I call them all friends. This trip was one of many unbelievable experiences that I have had the good fortune to be a part of over the last 3 years. This one has to rank among the best. I can’t even begin to list the people that I was lucky enough to hang out with and count among my friends.


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