How to replace the Spindle on a Jet 1221VS

During the Spring of 2017 I had guests in town for the Atlanta Woodworking show. Both were much more advanced at woodturning than myself and I was very excited to have essentially one on one lessons with these friends. Unfortunately, not all wood lathes are built the same way or have the same features. My good friend and I found this out the hard way that my Jet 1221VS was not like his. Having features like variable speed and reverse may be nice, but they can also be problematic as well if you aren’t familiar with them. Kind of like driving a stick when all you have ever done is drive an automatic. Join me as I attempt a lathe repair my Jet 1221VS. I have no idea what I’m doing, but that hasn’t stopped me before. This is a How to, how not to and diy video. Jet customer service was awesome and sent me new parts under warranty.

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